Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Take my breath away..

Its strangely exciting when you see an old favourite movie on the TV, what's even more exciting is seeing it on the big screen, outside cinemas cinema pop ups and this the silent picturehouse are great places to do just that.

I love cinema clubs, the chance to watch some of your favourite all time classic movies on the big screen.

So we rolled up to Vinopolis on Friday night, for top gun at the silent picture house, I wasn't sure what to expect..
 We were greeted by air hostesses, or equivalently dressed helpers and given our boarding passes which included a voucher for a free glass of champagne and a hot dog included in the bargain ticket price of £12.50.

The venue Vinopolis was perfect for the event, high arched ceilings leaving plenty of space to fit the big screens in, and massive sofa beds covered the floor, cooled by giant fans.

As well as our hot dog, there was a big pick and mix selection to help your self to as well as some uniquely themed popcorn flavours.

Settled in our front row seats, I joked with Henry that the air hostesses were now handing out more hot dogs for the hungry, quick as a flash he was up, and then back quickly rebuffed by a 6.50 price tag :( Never mind, our attendants soon brought out some ice creams!

Gotta love the service here, not long before settling in to watch Tom Cruise innuendo his way through the movie- Henry was apologetically brought another hot dog, shortly after followed by another glass of champagne each, what, we thought is the apology for? We are sorry Henry is greedy maybe? ha ha

Leaving a little tipsy later on to continue our evening, we were handing a selection of hotel chocolates and an Elemis in-flight gift bag- a unexpected and lovely little treat!

I wish I had the option to go to silent picture house every week instead of our nearest crappy Vue cinema! Comfy seats, freebies and great film selections! Bring on the next one!

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