Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ramboginge & Freddy Teddy find their feet!

Sunday morning saw 4 very excited residents of Bockleberry cottages bouncing out of bed eager for what the day had in store!

A week earlier I was reading Time Out when a headline caught my eye "John Lewis is going to make your favourite teddy come to life" COULD THIS BE TRUE!??
As part of John Lewis's christmas ad campaign, Monty has set up his magical toy machine in the Oxford Street store! Using technical wizardry, your teddy is scanned in 3D top to toe and brought to life to dance with you!

I took the news home to the teddies and they were ecstatic at having the chance to dance- Ramboginge and I have been waiting for the technology for this to catch up for 30 years now!

Ramboginge and Freddy took charge of the travelling arrangements- being normal naughty teenagers and preferring to exercise their independence and sit away from Mum and Dad for once!

Getting a few funny looks on the tube!

The teddies insisted on stopping for a hearty breakfast before the shops opened, dancing fuel!

After finding our way up to the Monty's Christmas area, Ramboginge grabbed the opportunity to get a selfie with the man himself!

Henry ran into a joking fiddler and got soundly thrashed after being challenged to a penguin race!

We then reluctantly handed over the teddies to wait their turns wreak their mischief in the dancing box while we wandered around cooing over all the lovely christmas decorations, the vintage ones are definitely ending up on my tree this year!

Finally my name appeared on the countdown board and Rambo's turn was up!

He is too cute! And he has the moves too- not surprising, he has watched me dance in my room for years :)

Great place to take the kids, excellent morning out for the teddies and young at heart!

The only thing that made the morning better was a stop off at Bone daddies down the road for an alternative Sunday Lunch! Probably one of the best Ramen bars in London- there is a constant queue outside, apart from today! We were sat and slurping our noodles within 10 minutes! I went for a Spicy miso ramen with cock scratchings (tee hee!) kimchee and a pipette of silky flavoursome fat! Henry opted for the classic 20 hour pork bone broth Pork tonkotsu ramen.

With full tummys and full hearts, we boarded the train home, the teddies already wistful for another visit.

John Lewis details here
Bonedaddies here

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