Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cheesus christ!

A little ode to two ladies whose recipes I always love.

I originally made a variation of this recipe back in the summer using rosemary and figs which was expectedly awesome, after seeing Rosie Londoners' drool worth pictures.
 Over xmas I love to make lots of little hand made food goodies for people, I take a day off work, and work flat out all day making such delicacies as Candied valencia oranges dipped in chocolate, Earl grey and orange prunes, rosemary and pine nut brittle, panne forte, raspberry and thai basil jam and my personal favourite Chorizo jam!
Taken from, what this lady does not know about bacon & pig products in general is not worth knowing!

I had a stroke of inspiration one glum and rainy day while peeking in the fridge- the camembert was shyly snuggling up to the chorizo jam on the top shelf & I knew it would be a match made in heaven! Sweet and spicy nuggets of chorizo, gloriously gloopy and rich camembert, all enveloped in a pastry cuddle of crisp croissant and mopped up with fresh chunks of crusty white bread... I found food heaven!!!!

For a quick fix you can always pick up a jar of chorizo or bacon jam from waitrose or whole foods- but I don't have to tell you it just won't taste quite as good!

Chorizo Jam (Original recipe here:)
380g soft cooking chorizo, chopped into small chunks (I used these spicy ones)
2 red onions, peeled and chopped finely
4 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped finely
2 red chillies chopped finely (I use large ones)
400ml nice cider 
150g nice honey
4 tbsp good sherry vinegar

- Saute the chorizo in a large pan for about 5 minutes. You want the chorizo to still be soft, but turning slightly brown in places
- Take the chorizo out of the pan, leaving in the oil. Sweat the onions with a pinch of salt until they are translucent, but haven't got any colour on them.
- Add the remaining ingredients (Garlic, chillies, cider, honey and sherry vinegar) bring to the boil, the reduce the heat to a simmer.
- Leave to bubble and thicken for about 45 minutes, until it takes on a 'jammy' consistency.
- Pop into a blender & pulse for a minute or so- it should still be quite chunky!

Now for the cheese!!
You will need:
1 packet of ready made croissant dough
1 jar of chorizo jam
1 wheel of camembert 
Something to dip in the cheese- I like a fresh baguette, but you can use veggies for a healthy twist!

- Unwrap the croissant dough, it comes in a strip with perforations- just ignore the holes!
- Now place the camembert on the dough, and cover completely with the chorizo jam.

- Wrap the dough like a snuggly duvet round the cheese, try to leave no holes!

(If you're lucky, you may have some spare to make little chorizo croissants!)

- Pop it in a preheated oven (200c) for about 20 minutes or until its nicely browned & melty in the middle.

- Slice through the crust in the gooey centre and feed to your favourite person!

Now that is a happy face! Enjoy :)

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