Thursday, 30 May 2013

T is for...

When I was younger, my favourite outfit to play consisted of a pair of black ski pants, a snazzy embroidered waistcoat and a graphic T shirt fresh from my Dad's printing company. (Teenage mutant ninja turtles anyone?)
Things seem to have come almost full circle, except I tend to drop the waistcoat in favour of a blazer to give myself a semblance of respectability in the office.. ahem.

On to a selection of Tee's I am coveting this week!

1. Band T.
Essential Glasto wear, £17 ASOS Marketplace

2. Cropped, cute & coral.

3. Breaking the law in a Deconstructed Dad band Tee
£42.61 Shopbop

4. Team up with some converse and channel your inner Nirvana fan :)

5. 'Trying' out the Varsity trend..

6. Sick logo Tee
£38 ASOS

7. An evil unicorn Tee! I never knew I needed one until now!
£22 ASOS

No waistcoat required! Well, maybe just one :)

(Vivienne Westwood@ ASOS  £75)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Foodies Festival!

Saturday was a glorious sunny day in London, perfect for wandering around a food festival in lovely Hampton Court Palace as I did.

I love the collection of sheer wealth of different cuisines on offer & the cakes, delis, and of course the demonstrations!

Obviously the first place I honed in on...

Ah yes, sushi, champagne & cupcake breakfast!

Omar Alibhoy creating some lovely simple tapas ( Shelina Permalloo from last years Masterchef is compering)

My favourite smell on a sunny day, BBQ!

Herbal Haven living up to their name!

Luxury fudge & lillys

Karantani had some amazing breads & cakes on offer

Wonderfully spicy Papaya salad

Lime, mint, raspberry, ginger ale and vodka cocktail

Enjoying the entertainment on the deck chairs :)

I <3 Sausage!

Passionfruit cider, unexpectedly awesome!

Ooar! Hay bale chairs!

Gennaro Contaldo (Two greedy Italians) was definitely the most popular!

Cupcakes featured pretty prominently everywhere!

I spent a lot of time eating the wonderful samples at this stall :)

Vivek Singh of the Cinnamon Club

Lunch time!

Champagne at the Lanson Bar

Gorgeous weather!

If you are planning to attend any of the Foodie festival events later this summer, I would recommend skipping a VIP ticket for reserved seating and just arriving early if you want a good seat for demos- they were very popular!

Details for the rest of the festival dates are here..

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sail away with me..

I love Greece, the architecture, the food, the people!

So when I got time to go on a last minute solo holiday, I decided I would visit again- this time with a difference!
I wanted to experience a few of the different islands, and preferably travel with a group as I was on my own, so I stumbled upon a trip by Gadventures here.. 7 days of sailing from Santorini to Mykonos! Opportunity to learn how to sail, top up my tan & visit lots of islands that were new to me.
Here are some of the pictures I took whilst on my travels!

Home for the week

Venetian architecture

Marina Vilhalda, Santorini

Black sand beach in Santorini

The good ship "Sappho" (Famous ancient poet from Lesbos)

Surfers in Santorini


Postcard perfect!

These beautiful red flowers were everywhere I looked!

Beautiful church on Sikinos

Admiring the view in Sifnos

Broken Dinghy!

Yet another gorgeous beach!

Archaeological site at Yiroulas

Naxos town

Citron distillery

Mount Zeus! (Climb and a HALF!)

Sunset in Naxos

Now although I had a great time, there were a few things that marred the trip for me- including the skipper being smashed on Tequila and crashing the boat at 4am and then randomly inviting a friend onto our boat for 3 days.
So if you want to stay up till 4am every night getting wasted on a boat, this is the trip for you. If you want a trip focused on actual adventures and cultural exploration AVOID :)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Nosh Juice Fast

A few weeks ago I spotted an awesome deal on Wowcher for a 3 day juice detox plan from Nosh Detox. It was £59 for the plan instead of the usual £133, so knowing I can easily spend £20 a day on sushi anyway I thought I would give it a go!

Also, I love crop tops! I have a few unworn numbers in my wardrobe that I haven't felt comfortable wearing out yet- This is their time I feel!

ASOS 90's Crop top with long sleeve £10 here..

I started 2 days after I had returned from a holiday where food had been a pretty big focal point! And although I think I am healthy enough to not need a massive detox session (especially since I haven't had a drink for weeks!) I was definitely looking forward to losing the few pounds I put on while on holiday.

The delivery is free within the M25, and it turned up about 9pm the day before the fast was to start. Prising open the polystyrene packaging, I found a heap of juice bottles, an eating schedule and a few sachets of super food powder.

There are 5 juices for each day, only 2 are the same, flavours include: Blueberry, mango and acai & Spirulina, mint and apple. One sachet of superfood formula is included for each day which is a mix of alfalfa, seagreens, spirulina, rose hip, chlorella, apple powder, acerola, acai berry and Linseed- I have no clue how any of those little beauties are supposed to help me, but they sound mega healthy don't they?
You are to drink two servings of colon cleanse a day as well, this contains papain, bentonite clay, psyllium husk, bromelain and linseed- which sounds like it acts to replace the fibre in your diet. Herbal teas and lots of water are the recommended drinks to accompany the fast, though I did slip with some diet cokes and sugar free vimto, oops!
They don't like to talk about how many calories you are consuming, but being nosy, I checked anyway :) Its around 840 a day with this particular plan, eek!

Day 1:
-Drank colon cleanse first thing, bit lumpy but not too icky & over quickly
-First smoothie of the day is thick and creamy & has a lovely strong cardamom taste, a bit like cake mix!- fave of the day!
-Next smoothie at 11 is an apple and mint number, refreshing!
-Yoga class at lunch is a little hard, though I think this probably has more to do with a super hard vinyasa class yesterday that left me achey rather than a lack of energy!
-Mango and Acai next up, not my favourite, and made even worse with an added superfood sachet that turns the inviting orange colour a swampy green!- knock it back quick and try not to think about it :)
-Another apple and mint at 4.30, havent been hungry all day which is a bonus, worried that it might just be because I am full of fruit sugar...
-I have another colon cleanse sachet when I get home, they don't seem to have given a very large portion of this so I resolve to buy some Fybogel in the morning which I guess equates to the same thing!
-I have a pretty active evening moving furniture and tidying and don't feel tired. I sit down for my final juice of the day while Henry polishes off a tantalising slab of left over moussaka- jealous? Moi?

Looking healthy after day 1! (Disclaimer: Might have something to do with spending last week in the sun, not to mention the makeup!)

Day 2:
-A little bit hungry this morning, though all fades away again with my breakfast smoothie.
-A colleague picks up and inspects one of the bottles and remarks there are less than 150 kcals in the bottle, tummy starts rumbling!
-Feed colleagues with peanut butter, choc chip, raspberry jam brownies & vicariously enjoy the food through them!
-Spend part of the afternoon looking at where to eat out this weekend, cant wait!
-Feeling more energetic today, no headaches or tiredness to speak of.
-Starving by the time I have my final juice, fills me up nicely though.
-Have a relaxing Epsom salt bath to stave off any aches so I am ok for yoga tomorrow!

Day 2 selfie, glowy!

Day 3:
- Planning all my meals for tomorrow already, my yummy breakfast tortilla to start (recipe here..), a sashimi bento box for lunch & a post run Nandos to top off the day!
- Yoga time at lunch again, much better now my muscles have had a good rest, really good session!
- Have noticed my tummy is looking very flat this morning, hip bones are even struggling to make a little reappearance!
- Feeling very very hungry this afternoon, juices are only just managing to stave off my rumbling tum! Henry only just manages to shoo me away from the tasty morsels hiding in the fridge as I wail how hungry I am!

Day 3 selfie: Peachy!

Overall a really positive experience! I think having the bottles all ready made (and paid for) is a big motivator and incentivises you to complete the cleanse. I don't usually weigh myself- I think I have lost a few pounds though! My tummy also looks flatter and I feel light and energetic- much better than if I had been scarfing down my normal food the past 3 days! My skin is glowy-er than normal, and I have no more dark circles under my eyes too :) Nosh send out daily emails to you to ensure you stay on track & I still have a 30 min personal consultation to take with them so I can discuss how everything went.

 I managed to track down another deal for Nosh at Groupon here.. for those in the UK. (Runs out on 25/5) I have already booked this in for after my next holiday!
This is for a 5 day juice diet for £118 reduced from £240,  I think I will try and keep up a juice fast once a month from now on- or at least whenever I can find a deal on for one anyway :)

Has anyone had any experiences with any other companies doing these cleanses? Or even better- deals for money off another juice cleanse!